Your Baby He's Got It!

the doofy feb 2014 babycup sippy cup weaning cup healthy open cup for babies
The dazzling Doofy at 16 months old.  Babycup sipping well and truly sorted

babycup independent drinking for babies and toddlers tia tiasmum august 2013 see i told you i never needed your help babycup
Tia, independent drinking at 11 months. Cool as a cucumber and
looking super with her Babycup

the lovely s at 15 months  babycup
The lovely S at 15 months. Checked out her Babycup then quickly moved onto drinking. Learnt to sip? Check!
bronte 12 monthsDarling Bronte 12 months and
superb with her Babycup
nancy 6 months ladyemsy via twitter babycup sippy cup weaning cup
So cute! Nancy at 6 months
drinking from her Babycup

lizzy 7 months old first day with babycup weaning drinking
Lovely Lizzy 7 months old and
first day with a Babycup

travis 8 months weaned off the bottle onto a babycup bottle cup baby
Travis 8 months old, weaned off a bottle onto a Babycup and feeling very proud.
Mummy proud too!

samuel newborn tongue tie babycup cup feeding
3 month old Samuel cup-feeding from his Babycup. Waiting for a tongue tie appointment, unable to take a bottle but laps up milk from his Babycup. What a star!
jude less than eight months babycup
Jude the dude. Not yet 8 months and already in control of his Babycup
10 month old edith babycup yellow open cup screen shot 2014-03-11 at 14.10.
10 month old Edith has
her Babycup. Top marks!

ben age 2 yrs and 1 month babycup
Ben's a pro at one-handed drinking from his Babycup at 2 years and 1 month
elin nine months babycup
Elin 9 months old and
very cute
isaac is 7 months and loves having a drink with his meals
7 month old Isaac
loves having drinks at mealtime - what a star!
Thomas and his Babycup

Cutie pie Thomas
and his Babycup

16 month old Bo and her Babycup

Beautiful Bo -
sipping away at 16 months

Freya Rose sipping from her Babycup at 6.5 months
Fabulous Freya Rose
sipping at 6.5 months

Ivy drinking from her Babycup

Sweet Ivy and her Babycup

Teds first try with a Babycup_no problems 4 cupfuls and only a few drips

Ted's first try - no problems!

Party Trick

11 months pencil grip 2Impressive pencil grip
11 months

Adorable Amelie drinking from a Babycup open drinking cup for babies

Adorable Amelie

Brilliant Benjy drinks with a Babycup open cup
Brilliant Benjy 10.5 months

cup drinking party tricks
Party Trick II

pink cardi putting pink cup down
Mastering the art of pick up/put down

Sunshine drinker

table drinking tongue out sidewaysOh yeah!

pink cardi white moustacheOtty milk moustache
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