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  1. NCT Teddy Bears Picnic
    Family Fun - 31 August 2013

    Make a picnic, grab a blanket, bring a teddy!

    NCT Leatherhead Branch is organising a Teddy Bears Picnic on Saturday 31st August at Downsend Pre-Prep School in Leatherhead!

    Bring along a picnic lunch and enjoy a fun-filled Saturday from 11am-3pm with:

    • 11.00 Tumble Tots
    • 11.30 MAD Academy
    • 12.00 Baby Sensory
    • 12.30 Tiny Talk
    • 13.00 MAD Academy
    • 13.30 Jo Jingles
    • 14.00 Monkey Music
    • 14.30 MAD Academy

    Entrance just £1 per adult and kids go free! 

    Everyone is welcome and you don't have to be an NCT member.

    Limited parking is available.

    There are baby changing and feeding facilities on site as well as fun attractions for children.

    For more details:
    or on Facebook at

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    We'll be there selling our mini open cups - come and say hi and buy a pack of our award-winning healthy cups :)

    See you there!

    Sara - Babycup



  2. The very lovely Singlemotherahoy got in touch to ask (very politely!) if she could test drive a Babycup or two with her cute little girl.  One of Singlemotherahoy's main reasons for giving Babycup a whirl are the health warnings that more and more experts are giving to baby cups, sippy cups and non-spill cups with valves and gadgets that mean a baby or toddler has to suck like Billy-O to get their drink out.

    Have you ever tried one of those yourself?  Here at Babycup HQ we've wasted many a hard-earnt pound or ten trying out a multitide of sippy cups (which should more aptly be named sucky cups) and removing their valves, gadgets and gizmos because we found you needed a suck to rival that of a vacuum cleaner in order to have a drink.

    This was a big influence in the birth of Babycup. No sucking required! Just healthy sipping.

    As Singlemotherahoy says "Until now we've used non-spill beakers with valves inside the spout, which require a lot of sucking to get any drink out"

    And we received this lovely message, "She loves them - great for playing with once empty too!" Ah, fab :))))
    Don't be a sucker, be a sipper ;)

    For lots of useful info and comments from experts check out our Home page, Experts page, Info page and FAQs. 

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