Things We Like

Just like Maria Von Trapp in The Sound of Music, we like to sing about our favourite things.  So, here are a few of them. They are all rather fab, gorgeous or simply darned helpful.  Babycup does not accept responsibility or liability for any of these products or services etc etc, not endorsing, blah di blah, just sharing the info.  Hey kids, sharing is caring!

Tripp Trapp highchaiopen cup drinking with a Babycup and a tripp trapp chairr
Who doesn't love a Tripp Trapp?
Tripp Trapp highchair

Tripp Trapp table top
This has been very useful - keeps cups, bowls, plates, cutlery, food, drink in an ever-so-slightly-lipped tray so it's all easier for your weaning wee one to keep control of everything.  Also very handy for helping cut down on unavoidable mealtime mess.
Tripp Trapp table top tray

Tray for Tripp Trapp highchair

Looks interesting but I haven't tried this particular one
Tripp Trapp tray

Svan highchair with tray and plastic tray cover
Another lovely highchair. Good if you need to have a highchair you can use away from the table as this has a tray attached to it.  It's well made and grows with the child too.
Svan highchair with tray and tray cover

Floor protector
Babies, toddlers, children + mealtimes? Enough said!!
Floor protector

Jovis Wet and Dry Handheld Vacuum Cleaner
Ditto the comment above!!
Jovis vacuum cleaner

Baby-led Weaning book by Gill Rapley and Tracey Murkett
A calm, clear and mindset-changing book that helps you make weaning the most natural process in the world.  Also very quick and easy to read - hugely helpful!
Baby-led weaning book

Barnes Chiropractic Healthcar
echiropractic and cranial treatment for babies and children from Horsley and Barnes chiropractor Julian Keel

Gentle crachiropractic and cranial treatment for babies and children from Horsley and Barnes chiropractor Julian Keelnial and chiropractic treatment for babies and children by lovely Barnes chiropractor Julian Keel - our children say they feel great when they've had treatment.
Even our babies love it.
Look at the pictures to see for yourself.

chiropractic and cranial treatment for babies and children from Horsley and Barnes chiropractor Julian Keel
Horsley Chiropracti
c Healthcare

Cranial and chiropractic treatment that helps our babies and children feel great; Surrey chiropractor Julian Keel works his wonders with his expertise and knowledge.

Ergo baby - baby carrierergo baby carrier back Babycupergo baby carrier front and back Babycupergo baby front Babycup
Completely brilliant baby carrier. Comfy for the wearer.  Kind to baby.  Ergo baby h
olds the baby rather than dangles them - it is not a 'crotch-dangler' (ouch!) like many baby carriers are. Ergo baby supports and keeps safe and can be used front or back. Hip too apparently but we haven't tried that. For wee babes there is an infant insert to make the carrier nice and snug and to give the support they need whilst they are very small and need that extra head support.
Ergo baby carrier

Belle & Boo
Beautiful gifts, art and gorgeousness for children.

Tum Tum egg plate
A gorgeous children's plate with a built in egg cup and plenty of space for soldiers. It even comes with an extra-long-handled spoon. We LOVE this!

Cuski children's pillow
Lovely shape, size and comfiness.

TIPS Limited
Expert parenting advice and independent reviews of mother and baby products.  Set up by Sharon Trotter, Midwife and Parenting Consultant, to publish evidence-based information about breastfeeding, skincare, cord care and other midwifery-related subjects. A great resource.

Support, help and guidance
Parenting consultant Kate Barlow specialises in supporting families facing common childhood challenges.

Emotionally Aware Feeding
Great website, blog, resource and book for helping with picky eaters

Brush-baby chewable toothbrush

We're all for helping prevent tooth decay and so we lurve this clever little brush.  A fabulous introduction to good oral health.
Brush-baby chewable toothbrush

Gifts for baby showers and new arrivals
Celebrating babies - cute hampers packed full of loveliness
Tiny Feet Hampers

Mini Micro Seat for micro scooter
At the time of writing, friends have one of these for their 1 year old and our 18 month old is very jealous!
Micro scooters mini

Baby Bjorn b
Baby Bjorn Babysitter chair Babycup websiteabysitter chair
Very well thought out design. Holds babies rather than suspends them like many bouncers/baby chairs do. This is a great product.
Babysitter chair

Babycup Infant Weaning Cups
Open drinking cups for babies and toddlers
The Babycup range of baby and toddler open drinking cups
is BPA free and phthalates free

Suitable for weaning from 6 months
Also suitable for cup feeding newborn or premature babies -
please see our FAQs page for further details

Babycup - Little cups for little people