Expert reviews and real-life feedback tell us Babycup is the best weaning cup.

Training cups, sippy cups, baby cups. Whatever you like to call them, Babycup is the real sippy cup. The cup that really helps your child learn to sip.

Every sip counts and we are thrilled that these reviewers have given Babycup a go and have shared their experiences. So many lovely comments.  This feedback is our motivation and is really inspiring to read.

If you have any Babycup experiences that you'd like to share or photographs to send us, we'd love to hear from you. Please get in touch at   Thank you. Sara xx

"This product has quite frankly been life changing for us as a family"
- Parent reviewer on Babycup

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Babycup is the perfect size for little ones. Adventures of a Yorkshire Mum agrees and says, "If you want to head straight to using open cups, the Babycup is a perfect size one for your baby. These amazing little cups are intended for use from weaning.....The Babycup is just the right size for small hands and means that if spilt, not much is to be cleaned up. Your baby can get used to the correct motion of drinking for themselves. Plus, being able to sip from a mini open cup is terrific for motor skill development too."

Hi Baby
blog names Babycup as one of their favourite weaning products for baby Luisa, "I’m keen to have her master the Babycup so that we don’t have any problems with her teeth in the future that can be caused by other styles of cup – particularly those with a valve."

Love On A Plate loves the easy clean, no nooks and crannies nature of Babycup, "no tricky places germs could harbour," and also proved that encouraging your super sipper is totally worthwhile, "I did begin to think that she would never pick the cup up herself and certainly wouldn't be able to successfully bring it to her mouth - but then one day I just let her have a go and she did it. I was so proud!"

French lifestyle blog L'Avis de Maman praises Babycup for being a cup that's the right size for little ones and the best cup for babies to learn to drink from, "..elles permettent a bébé de boire seul plus facilement qu’avec d’autres coupelles..." (“….they allow a baby to drink more easily than other cups. They are designed for small hands and the edge is thinner than other cups so as to be adapted to their mouth…"  please excuse any errors in translation from the French!!!)

"After trying to get my 7 month old son to drink water out of various sippy cups I spotted these online and decided to give them a try. They come in four lovely colours and are the perfect size for little hands. I put a small amount of water in them and my son is able to drink from them easily, whilst looking very proud of himself. I would definitely recommend these." Babycup review on JoJo Maman Bebe

Juno Magazine calls Babycup gorgeous little beakers, perfect for little hands. "Gill Rapley, [co-]author of Baby Led Weaning, supports these cups as they help encourage independence and co-ordination. They are also good for dental health as baby learns to sip rather than suck a drink through their teeth." A Juno tester commented, “Great size for my little one to handle.”

Toothfairyblog is written by a Consultant in Paediatric Dentistry who knows what's what when it comes to the best for children's teeth.  So it was lovely to read this glowing review for Babycup and see photos of a 4 1/2 month old and a 2 1/2 year old both loving their Babycups. Toothfairyblog says, "Babycup – promoting dental health from an early age. I am seriously impressed with this product.......every detail has been thought through. Dishwasher and steriliser safe? Check. Easy to clean, practical to store? Check. Non- toxic? Check. Secondly, the size and shape is spot-on. It’s just right for little hands to pick up and the smaller circumference reduces the chances of spills. Babycup Director Sara Keel puts it beautifully when she gives the analogy that a baby drinking from an adult cup, is like an adult attempting to drink from a bucket…..":

In Wealth and Health urges people to 'Ditch the sippy cup and bottle' and writes, "The best kind of cup to start weaning is a cup like Babycup. Affordable and effective, these cups are ideal for teaching baby how to drink."

Jo Cormack, a counsellor and mum of 3, is passionate about helping parents of picky eaters. In this great article titled 3 ways an open cup can help prevent picky eating, Jo explains the benefits of open cups and recommends Babycup. In Jo's words, "This is not a sponsored post – I am recommending Babycups simply because I think they’re a great product."

Babycup is a hit! Dietitian Priya Tew knows the importance of choosing a healthy weaning cup
and writes that experts say not to give your little ones sippy cups but to use an open cup so they can learn to sip and not suck their drinks. Priya tried Babycup for her toddler and called it an instant hit! "So why are these cups different to any other open cup? It’s their size. They fit nicely into J’s hand, he can happily pick it up with one or two hands." Read Priya's review and watch the gorgeous film of her toddler drinking from his Babycup:

"I learnt a lesson: never underestimate little people! Just when you think you’ve got them sussed, they do something that leaves you stuck for words, not to mention incredibly proud."
17 month old William takes to Babycup at the first sip and his mum, who knows sippy cups with spouts aren't recommended for young children, is delighted - and proud!

"...from me and lots of other mums it’s a big thumbs up and the BBE seal of approval"
Blissful Baby Expert Lisa Clegg tries out Babycup with her 2 year old learning to use a cup and a 9 month old who refused to take a bottle. Babycup proved to be the best sippy cup for both of them - true sipping!

"Within a week, my son was able to hold a Babycup independently and drink from it."
Blogger Louise reviews Babycup on her blog and talks openly about the difficulties she faced when trying to feed her baby with expressed milk. Babycup proved to be the solution.
"This product has quite frankly been life changing for us as a family." This review is absolutely lovely and we are so proud that Babycup can, in such a seemingly simple step, make such a great big difference for feeding, weaning and drinking.

FIVE stars. Top marks! A lovely review recommending Babycup as the best cup for weaning! What's Good To Do said of Babycup "T
he perfect first cup to train babies to drink from a cup. We rated it 5/5." The reviewer commented, "I would recommend these to my friends as they are an inexpensive piece of baby kit that encourages little ones to drink like grownups." Lovely! We are thrilled to bits to receive another great review for our truly sippy cups for baby weaning and toddler drinking.

Attachment Mummy recommends Babycup as a Christmas gift for babies and says it's the perfect cup for baby-led weaning. Thank you Attachment Mummy!

Recommended! The L's Mum says, "I do recommend it as its a great way to get your little on into the habit of drinking out of a cup early on."

Rows and rows of STARS!!! for Babycup on

"Great Idea" and "Brilliant for little hands - great value"

Five Stars for Babycup! Parent review on shows how versatile Babycup is and rates it for six month olds starting to wean, three year olds who want to be independent and babies being fed with expressed milk.
"..we absolutely loved the Babycup.... It is a product which will grow with your child and you don’t realise how handy they are until you have a set. A great investment."

Baby Buzz magazine called Babycup a must have and asked a group of mums to try some out. Great feedback!
" [Babycup] really is very easy to use and more importantly to get used to" Mummy to daughter, 8 months

12 month+ review on Babyworld.
" 3 he had mastered picking the cup up, tipping and drinking without spilling his drink or drowning in it. My son now holds the cups like a little expert sips nicely and its also helped with table manners as when he’s drunk it all he says ‘Ta’ before passing me the cup for a refill. The added benefit of improved dental health from not using a suck or sippy cup to drink from is great. Would definitely recommend this one"

More lovely words about Babycup on Babyworld
" surely must be easier holding something sized to your body rather than an enormous adult-sized cup... a great little idea to help progression onto a drinking cup. I’m definitely going to continue using them with my boy."

MummyPages takes a look at Babycup - and says very nice things!
"These gorgeous little cups are extremely cute and aesthetically will have your little one in love at first sight"

Babycups - A Review by Tias Mum
She has totally got the hang of it now and loves to drink from her cup"

Teething - A Helpful Guide from This Day I Love
She absolutely loved the fact she had a cup like her Mummy and big sister.  
Her smile said it all, how proud of herself she was"

Single Mother Ahoy reviews Babycup
We use Babycup at every meal"

Slummy Mummies test out Babycup
Slummy Mummy Seal of Approval = GRANTED"

Surrey Mummy is loving......Babycups
"..we are loving these Babycup little cups"

Handbags to Change Bags lists Babycup as a favourite weaning product
"..perfectly proportioned for small hands and encourages toddlers to drink from a cup at a young age."

Yummy Mummy in Training weans Thomas
"I think Thomas thinks he is being so grown up when he drinks from one of these as he seems a lot more keen to take water from one of these cups than a baby beaker"

Real Mum Reviews said, for feeding, Babycup is "great for those that are struggling to get babies to latch on" and, for weaning, they zoned in on the way little ones learn and how they love to mimic, "Appeals to the fact that babies always want to do what Mummy and Daddy are doing!" A lovely summing up said, "We were really impressed with Babycup."

Kayleigh of 'Beauty, Life & Babies' reviews Nonabox and praises Babycup's slim drinking-edge
"Babycup, a teeny tiny plastic beaker perfect for little mouths. I WISH I had this 3 or so months back."

UK Parenting Lifestyle Blog 'Oh So Amelia' couldn't wait to use Babycup
"...couldn't wait to use it. Amelia has gone through a number of beakers and sippy cups since she started drinking from them around 10 months"

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  1. At the behest of my very wise health visitor, I taught both my children to drink from an open cup at around 5 months, when I was weaning them - and it was amazingly successful and, of course, meant that I could always give them a drink wherever we were, without having to rely on a 'sucky' cup. These products are a great idea to support this - good luck with it all!

    29th May 2013

  2. This is a really smart idea - I wish you every success.

    21st May 2013

  3. What a great product!!! I so wish we had something like this when our 2 boys were younger. I will definitely spread the word.

    23rd Oct 2012