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Babycup First Cup

Babycup First Cup talks Teeth and Smiles with Experts at the British Society of Paediatric Dentistry annual conference in Dundee

There’s no denying that our award-winning Babycup First Cup design is simple. A tiny cup, for tiny hands and tiny mouths and it is the simplicity of the Babycup First Cup which makes it so great. What it comes down to is this: Why complicate things? Particularly when unnecessary complexity often comes at the cost of your child’s oral health.

Babycup First Cup

Considering your little one’s drinking apparatus in terms of their dental development may not be something many new parents have linked together, but ask any dental professional and they will tell you that the action of sipping, when done correctly, can go a long way in supporting healthy growth and learning. Conversely, sucking, as your average sippy or sucky cup promotes, has the potential to be extremely detrimental.

As a parent, you naturally want the best for your child so when faced with endless options you can be forgiven for being left feeling at a total loss when it comes to making a choice. Just like our Babycup First Cup , we aim to make things simple for you, which is why we wanted to share the news about our recent presentation at the British Society of Paediatric Dentistry annual conference in Dundee. Those dentists loved us and we believe you will too!

In September 2018, we had the pleasure of being invited to give a presentation as part of the “Discovery and Design” Study Day theme at the British Society of Paediatric Dentistry. This was to bring Babycup First Cup to the attention of some of the UKs (and beyond) leading dental professionals who are making it their business to promote the best options for their young patients’ developing mouths.

Our little cups went down a storm, as they always tend to with leading dental experts. But why?

  • “Babycup is just the right size for little hands and promotes drinking from a rim which is so important for oral development.” – Oral Health Promoter NHS

  • “As Babycup is an open cup it reduces the chances of acid erosion to teeth.” – Dr Grant McAree BSc (Hons) BDS, The Whyte House Dental Group

  • “Babycup is a cup that allows independence, and promotes healthy oral development as well as enhancing hand eye co ordination. The only cup your baby will need.” – Independent Health Visitor

Our non-toxic, multi award-winning cups (scooping titles from Made for Mums, Prima Baby & Pregnancy Best First Cup, Junior Design Awards Best Baby Feeding Product and the Janey Lee Grace Platinum awards) are suitable to start sipping from at just 4 months old, making these the perfect accompaniment to Baby led Weaning and they can also come in really handy for parents tackling their baby’s tongue-ties, cleft or latch problems from infancy. But they aren’t just for starters – many kids enjoy using Babycup First Cup for 2.5years and beyond and the oral development benefits just keep on coming. Equally as important, they also help make meal time fun!

Babycup First Cup: designed by a mum and recommended by experts – you can’t get a better combo than that.

Babycup First Cup

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