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Babycup weaning cup – what all the cool kids drink from

It’s official!

Babycup is not just the healthy cup for your baby or young child but is also a fully-confirmed cool piece of kit.

Hanging out with the hip kids, Babycup is one of the selected brands to appear in the Mothers Meeting Boxpark pop-up shop in Shoreditch, East London, September 2014.

For one week only, Mothers Meeting have taken their smart ways and exciting days over to Boxpark and set up a retail haven of products created by mums, alongside an awesome line up of speakers, events and how-to sessions.

If you haven’t seen Mothers Meeting in action, check out their website and get yourself along to an event. And if you missed the pop-up shop, check out the Babycup website to order your very own pack of mini open cups. Sippy cups in the true sense of the word and every bit a desirable piece of kit too.

The superb Mothers Meeting Pop Up Shop at Boxpark, Shoreditch E1 6HT, London, UK

Don’t be a sucker, be a sipper.