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What’s the best sippy cup? Babycup First Cups are an Editor’s Choice Winner!

Best-sippy-cup-award-winning-Babycup-First-CupsThe combined testing hours for baby goods competing for accolades in The Made for Mums Awards 2018 reached into the thousands! The number of products entered was almost 500! And the amount of categories reached 85! So we are genuinely delighted and completely and utterly thrilled to have been given the news that Babycup First Cups are the Editor’s Choice Winner! We’ve been working hard to be the best sippy cup (and definitely not a sucky cup!) so we are over the moon about this accolade!

Babycup First Cups were applauded for being the perfect size for little hands. We often talk about how difficult it would be if you were expected to learn how to drink by using a bucket. Making a weaning cup or trainer cup the right size for the user really does make a whole lot of sense! And because our mini open cups encourage sipping, they are recommended by dentists, who love them for their oral health benefits.

With a long usage period – from teeny baby (cup-feeding) to weaning, and beyond, these proper sipping sippy cups are great value. The Made for Mums Editor’s Choice Award mentioned this and we are so delighted. We want families to have to buy less, we don’t want everyone to end up with a cupboard full of redundant cups as their baby moves to the next ‘stage’. Using a Babycup First Cup sets little ones up with great skills and healthy sipping habits and then when they grow bigger they can use whatever the rest of the family uses. It’s cup economics and it makes sense!

So for babies and toddlers learning to sip, a sippy cup for mealtimes, a healthy open cup for developing great habits from the start, good value, the right size for the user…ask the editor….it’s a Babycup First Cup!