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As the summer weather has finally arrived, for many families eating outside is a much more favourable option than scoffing lunch in front of the TV or dinner cooped up in a dingy dining room. However, if attempting a meal in the great outdoors with no walls to contain ‘hangry’ toddlers fills you with dread, panic not! Following these simple tips from Babycup will make any picnic a whole lot easier

Your baby’s first year is packed to the brim with milestones, from first tooth to first steps and of course, first foods! Once your little one reaches the 6 month mark they may be expressing some serious interest in solids, so when they’re ready how do you go about embarking on this new parenting adventure? With your Babycup First Cup at the ready to offer little sips of water along

‘Fine motor skills’: another of those parenting phrases that we hear a lot about. We know it’s important, we know it’s developing. But what exactly is it? In short, this particular skill set involves the use of the smaller muscles of the hands and, to make your little one’s life easier, it should be trained from an early age. Encouraging your baby to enjoy things which stimulate these little muscles, such