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‘Fine motor skills’: another of those parenting phrases that we hear a lot about. We know it’s important, we know it’s developing. But what exactly is it? In short, this particular skill set involves the use of the smaller muscles of the hands and, to make your little one’s life easier, it should be trained from an early age. Encouraging your baby to enjoy things which stimulate these little muscles, such

All parents want the best for their child – now and in the future. There’s a lot that comes into play here: our impact on the environment, a healthy lifestyle fuelled by nutritious food and fun exercise, development overall as a human being and of course, taking care of brand new teeth – something we should all be shouting about until June 13th for National Smile Month! The way us mums

You’d be hard pressed to find someone, in any country, who wasn’t aware of the impending Royal birth. Talk spanned where, when and how this little boy, now 7th in line to the British throne, would enter the world. His possible name, his weight, his looks. And of course, the world couldn’t help but turn their fascination to his mum, ex-SUITS actress turned Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle too. Now that