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Weaning is fun (they said!)!

Weaning is fun they said! Food before one is just for fun they said!

Baby lead weaning and best cup for weaning with Babycup

Attention!!! Alert! Danger! Baby lead weaning and weaning is here!

Weaning kit checklist….bowl – check, highchair – check, mega-cover up bib – check, tiny cutlery – check, mini open cups – check, safety specs – whaaaaaat??!!!You’ve bought the kit, you’ve got the food, you’re ready to start. Next thing you know, it seems like all hell breaks loose.

Perhaps an all in one ski suit would have been more suitable. And that’s just for you……

But you know what? It gets better. It really and truly does. And it’s fun. It really is! You may have your own thoughts on what kinds of food to serve. For us, finger foods, and food the same as the rest of the family, was way better than purees and all the faffing about with ice cube trays and prepping small cubes of squished up food. But hey, whatever works. Like so much of parenting you do your own research and make your own choices. And, like all parents, we are all trying to do what’s best for our littlies.

wenaing and drinking from a mini open Babycup sippy cup

Weaning graduates to sociable mealtimes! Let’s party!


Milk-feeding remains hugely important in the early days and months of weaning, so, as hard as it may seem do try not to get too stressed about how much food is going in. There will soon come a time when you don’t dream of safety specs, and food is fabulous!

Yay to specs off! Let the adventure continue xx