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Why you shouldn’t believe everything you see on social media…

My Picture Perfect Life and Social Media

A guest post by Maddie (mother, wife, friend……human being!)


Here is a photo of me and the girls – it was taken one weekend by my 6 year old son.

Picture Perfect!

Perfect weekend with the girls!

We were in the garden, it was a sunny day, the kids were playing and we were catching up. Life was sweet.

You’ve probably seen many similar photos on social media sites with captions such as ‘perfect weekend with the girls’ or ‘catch up with my besties’ – you know the drill. So far so normal, right?

But what about the bigger picture?

This photo is actually cropped.

Want to see the original?

My ‘perfect weekend with the girls’? My ‘catch up with my besties’?

social media truth or lies?

The real thing baby!

Well – still an awesome catch up with my mates, but perfect? Hell, no.

The reality of this particular moment is that my 3 year old little darling was having a mega tantrum because he did not want me to pose for a photo. He wanted me to push him on the swings. Again. Despite me having pushed him for at least half an hour already.

I love social media – I use it a lot. But I think we need more reality and less ‘perfect’.

Personally I prefer the second photo – the uncropped version. It shows my not so perfect life in all its glory.

The reality for most people is that life is not always picture perfect. Yes there are wonderful moments but they are just that, moments. They punctuate the sea of mundanity that is the norm for most of our days. Yet we only seem to want to share the good stuff.

There is nothing wrong with that, of course there isn’t. Who wants a photo album full of photos of their kid having a tantrum? Erm no one… But in only offering up the best of our lives on social media we are at risk of starting to believe our own hype. We look at other accounts and believe what we see. We covet the amazing, perfect lives of these other people (often people we don’t even know!) and start to question our own happiness. THIS IS MADNESS!! No one’s life is perfect and no one’s instagram account is a true reflection of the daily reality of their life. Trust me on that.

So by all means, enjoy the social media sites and all they have to offer but don’t believe all the hype. The photos posted online are all a careful edit of our real lives.

I’m logging off now. I have to get back to my perfect life – My 3 year old wants to watch trucks on you tube and I need to unload the washing machine…