Reusable Cups, Recyclable Cups
– Babycup First Cups!

Babycup First Cups Recycling Scheme

We know many of our customers do everything in their power to do their best for their family and for the environment and for many this has long included being mindful of waste and being sure to recycle.

We’re very proud that Babycup First Cups are reusable cups and have always been recyclable. We know though that recycling facilities vary from area to area, country to country.

That’s why we launched our own recycling scheme to help our customers recycle used Babycup First Cups and support them in their desire to protect the planet for their precious babes and generations to come. (See bottom of page for Babycup recycling scheme instructions).

With fabulous campaigners such as David Attenborough and his Blue Planet II series spreading awareness of the impact of single-use plastics and Greta Thunberg and her tireless travels around the globe to get climate change top of the agenda, the message of ‘buy less, recycle more’ is thankfully gaining traction. There is no Planet B. We need to take care of this precious planet of ours. We don’t need to waste things, in fact we mustn’t waste things. Less waste is better for the environment, better for your wallet, and if you’re a ‘Tidy up with Marie Kondo’ fan you’ll find it’s better for your cupboards too!


Babycup’s 5 Steps to Recyclable Sippy Cups

1. Say No To Single Use Plastic

When it comes to mini cups for little ones, disposable shot glasses can be tempting but are a false economy. Not a smart purchase environmentally, liable to crush in your child’s hand and could cut and injure delicate skin on fingers and lips, and probably have not been safety tested against chemicals you wouldn’t want leeching into your child’s drink. Not planet-friendly or baby-friendly.

2. Choose a Cup to Take Your Little One Through All the Ages and Stages

Leading dentists and orthodontists recommend an open cup to encourage sipping and be best for teeth. Choosing a mini open cup means little ones master the healthy sipping skill more easily as it’s the right size for them to handle, the liquid can funnel more into the mouth and less down the cheeks, and the cup won’t be cumbersome and heavy even when filled. Cups will get dropped during the learning process so a good quality non-shattering cup is ideal; avoid gadgets, gizmos, seals and valves that not only add to environmental waste but can often mean a cup is really a bottle in disguise and holding, sipping and/or pick up/put down isn’t truly being learned. Make it attractive so little ones want to use it, translucent so they can see inside (for eye-brain messaging to aid the learning process), choose BPA-free, choose a make you can trust and is recommended by health professionals, and check for the recyclability. Mixed materials can be harder to recycle so check for that also. Babycup First Cups meet all of these recommended criteria and qualities and are made from polypropylene and are fully recyclable cups.

3. Reuse

When your little one is done with their first cups check the condition of them. If they’re still in useable condition you could find another little one who could make use of them. Another benefit of buying great quality is the longevity of usage. As much as we’d love another pack of Babycup First Cups to be bought, we’d love it even more if you would pass on your little cups to a new little person. Babycup First Cups mini open cups are super easy to clean so you can regift them without any worries of mouldy bits or bacteria build-up lurking in the shadows.

4. Upcycle

If you don’t have someone else to pass them on to, or don’t want to part with these special cups that have been a cute part of weaning your baba, hang onto them and upcycle instead. Finding new uses is a great way of adding extra life to your purchase. Babycup First Cups are brilliant mini measurers for baking and cooking. They’re also fab fun bath toys for little ones, or make cute tea sets for dollies. There are so many repurposing or upcycling possibilities.

5. Recycle

If you do decide it’s time to recycle your Babycup First Cups rest assured they have a new life ahead of them and the material will be used to make another item. Check your local recycling facility and send them on their way. No. 5 / PP / Polypropylene is the recycling option you need to look for. If your local facility does not take PP that’s no problem as you can send them back to us and we’ll arrange the recycling for you! See below for details.

Babycup First Cups Recycling Scheme

If your local facility does not take PP (5/Polypropylene) send your Babycup First Cups back to us and we’ll arrange to recycle them for you!

Please wash, dry, and post them back to us.

Please email us at [email protected] with the with the subject line ‘Recycle my BFCs’ and we’ll reply with the address to send to.

With thanks and love from,

Babycup Founder