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Cows on the Beach – funky wetsuits for children

How now brown cow?

Actually not brown, but black and white!

Heading to the beach with children can be great fun, but not if they are shivering the moment they set foot in the water!

On a little trip with the Babycup family to a gorgeous beach in Cornwall we saw just the thing for your little herd.

The cow print wetsuit was a great sight on the sand and sea! Funky, fun and definitely practical. First spotted last year in Daisy Bridgewater’s lovely Children’s Notebook column in The Telegraph and having now seen the real thing zipping around on the beach we can safely say it is the wetsuit to get!

Potwells, a gorgeous online store ‘For Kids For Home For Life’ is the shop to head to. There are ladybirds too so your moo cow can have a mini beast friend.

Check them out!