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Meghan Markle is showing us REAL mum goals – and we’re loving it!

You’d be hard pressed to find someone, in any country, who wasn’t aware of the impending Royal birth. Talk spanned where, when and how this little boy, now 7th in line to the British throne, would enter the world. His possible name, his weight, his looks. And of course, the world couldn’t help but turn their fascination to his mum, ex-SUITS actress turned Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle too.

Now that Archie has been born and publicly introduced, a lifetime of headlines is waiting ahead. We stood by Meghan and her decision to keep the birth details secret (if having your baby isn’t a time for privacy, when is?). We applauded her for going against the Royal grain and making choices she felt were right for her and her growing family. And now, we here at Babycup HQ are loving that Meghan Markle, in-keeping with what is now becoming her pattern, is using her platform and continuing to show the world what a real mum looks like.

She’s beautiful as ever and always prepped for camera to some degree, of course. We’re not suggesting that new mums, cluster feeding in their PJs at 3am should feel as though they need to look so well presented (Meghan almost certainly doesn’t either!). But what we were thrilled to see at the recent presentation of baby Archie is her not only obvious, but accentuated post-partum bump. There are many celebrity and royal births that garner great media attention, but more often than not, Mums all over the world are left feeling inadequate and ashamed of their post-partum body in comparison to what we see on TV and in magazines.

New motherhood is a real rollercoaster ride. You’ll come up against things you never expected. Breastfeeding can be tough, and many mums start off with cup-feeding (one of the things our Babycup First Cup is ideal for!). Lack of sleep takes its toll and working to find your feet and in many ways, new identity as a mum can be very challenging. That, mixed with the quite literal highs of pure, unadulterated love for this tiny person (thanks Oxytocin!) makes for a whirlwind of emotion. And the last thing mums need to be fretting about is how they look.

As Meghan Markle has shown, a post partum bump is totally normal. You have grown a baby, for nine whole months. Your body has done something incredible, seemingly beyond the realms of imagination and possibility. Yes, your womb is kind of stretched out right now, because it is literally the void of creation. All new mums are Goddesses – to their delicious new babies, and to us. And it is so important to remember that, and treat yourself as such.

Self-care may seem a bit impossible right now, but even if you don’t have the time to manage some time out, at least practice a little mental self-care. Positive affirmations can work wonders. We feel as though Meghan’s public post-partum bump is a kind of physical manifestation of this.null

You are beautiful

Your body is a perfect miracle

You are enough

You are a wonderful mother

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